Business Evaluations. How often should you do them?

CrossCoaching July 8, 2015 Led by Mark Cano (Peter Gibson is in Europe) Guest writer: Ana Maria Marin – Instructor, Technical Writer & Translator Topic: “Semi-Annual Business Evaluations. Do you … Continue Reading →

The Role of Roles in Business

Our meetings get mightier and meatier! Every Cross Coaching™ event provides the opportunity to enter into the ethers of the mind to reconnect its fibers and better connect with people … Continue Reading →

Is Your Productivity At Odds With The Life You Are Producing?

Our Cross Coaching™ event June 10, 2015 – with 16 members engaged in the debate – strived to uncover what productivity really means. How do you manage it? Does it manage, … Continue Reading →

How To Manage Your Mind To Manage Your Business Better

“Another excursion into the exhilarating waters of self-examination!” Thank you, Greg, for the synopsis! I make no apology for the epistemology! My Cross Coaching™ events are designed to dig deeper into … Continue Reading →

Identity Theft. Can Your Work Steal Your Identity?

  Cross Coaching™ is poaching! Poaching ideas from your mind that you possess but don’t monitor and let slip when you speak. Cross Coaching™ trespasses beyond the boundaries of your … Continue Reading →

Do You Sell Yourself or Discount Yourself?

Cross Coaching™ members thrive on dynamic debate. Titanic topics stir up a force and creative energy that stimulate minds, unleash voices, heighten hearing and mold concrete connections. This event, however, got bushwhacked! Ambushed by its own members. Why did they … Continue Reading →

Who Inspires You?

If mindset is important. Who sets yours? Are you inspired to constantly develop your mind in order to develop you and your business – or do you depend on others … Continue Reading →

How Many Times Have You Died?

How many times have you died? Or been murdered? How often have you chosen – or been forced to – let go of your old ways, patterns, habits, thoughts, behaviors, job, career … Continue Reading →

Quantity vs Quality of Experience

What an experience debating this topic at Cross Coaching™ was! Do you need the experience to have the experience? Do you fall into the trap that parents and teachers unconsciously pass on? … Continue Reading →

How What You See Is Seen.

How What You See Is Seen. The image you have of how you and your business is seen will vary – often dramatically, from the image others hold. This was … Continue Reading →