What others are saying about Cross Coaching™

“Stimulating! A rare find! Like no other group! I always leave revved up with a healthy dose of reality and optimism!” Kate S. 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed Coss Coaching. I truly feel that I have taken away more than I believe I’ve shared. I appreciate the different angles that Peter takes to first unveil opportunities thru questions and conversation and winding up with motivating direction to use what we’ve uncovered. The group is exceptional and its taken to a new level thru Peter’s direction. You must check it out!” George M.

“An excellent group. A must for serious business people.” Joel P.

“It is rare in a group of people for each individual to have the opportunity to shine. Cross Coaching is not for cowards – it is for those who are ready to be really curious about their own business potential as well as the business journey others are on. By attending you give and receive and get to know yourself and others on a whole new level.  It is my pleasure to be a part of it.”
Elizabeth S, Ph.D., CLC., Life Design Coaching.

“With each meeting I attend, I am more and more grateful that I found this group. The meetings are very well structured and the conversations are meaningful and motivating. Peter does a great job of getting everyone to contribute and move the topics forward. It is 90 minutes of intelligent conversation about the strategies and mindsets needed to move your business forward. The people in this group are amazing as well! I have been blown away by how supportive and insightful they have been.” Dan S. 

“I was very impressed with the format and the group. Everyone was genuinely there to offer their expertise and learn from each other. The group was very welcoming and open. Peter Gibson was a wonderful leader and kept everyone involved and moving forward. I definitely recommend this group.”  Lori T.

“Cross Coaching is an awesome opportunity to look more deeply into your self and learn what others see. What we feel we project from the inside is not always what others see on the outside! This is a group where learning and sharing teaches us how to feel confident in our true self so that our clients, friends and co-workers truly understand who we are!” Zina C.

 “This group is truly amazing! Not only are the people in the group, and the organizer Peter, absolutely incredible people, but the content is OUTSTANDING! Nowhere else will you find this level of intellectual exchange and growth. You owe it to yourself and to your business to be here!” Billy B. 

“I love what Peter has created. I look forward to connecting and learning more about how to move my business forward; the advice from others is so valuable.”  Marilyn S. Life Purpose Coach.


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