Where We Meet

Roswell Cross Coaching™ Meetup 1st & 3rd Weds each month 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Panera Bread 1195 Woodstock Rd, Roswell. FEE: $10.00  RSVP on www.meetup.com

(Personal Coach & Coax sessions available at $75.00 per hour) email: gibsonpeterg33@gmail.com  

Facilitator: Peter Gibson, Team Isabelle Gibson Harry Norman Realtor, Creator of Cross Coaching™, Nikken Wellness Rep since 1995, Founder Atlanta Pétanque League.

I listen. I observe. I explore. I imagine. I create. I write. I speak. I lead. I influence.

Since I was a teenager, raised in the English countryside, I spent time with my peers honing these soft skills and time alone – while walking my dogs and traveling the world – connecting with nature, my self, my intuition and my imagination to coax out what was possible in my life.

These traits supported my intentions to always pursue personal growth and create my life not just live it; to create and carve an unconventional path designed to establish a lifestyle that provided wellness, wealth, freedom and balance for me and my family.

I now have over 40 years experience in a variety of careers and business ventures – Hotel & Restaurant Management, Corporate Travel, Meetings & Convention Management, Corporate Director of Sales, Upscale Bartending & Catering Service Owner, Real Estate Investor, Venture Capitalist, Direct Sales/MLM Top Earner, Realtor, Author, Speaker and Creator of Cross Coaching™.

I have also traveled the world – solo and with family (65 countries), I am the father of an Eagle Scout and the husband of an amazing woman.

It is time to share with others what I have learned from others and continue to learn from others, via my Cross Coaching™ Coach & Coax Approach. To coach others to coax out what is possible in their lives.

Option A: Contact me at gibsonpeterg33@gmail.com for private coaching sessions to coax out and improve your communication, presentation, marketing and sales skills.

Option B: Join and attend Roswell Cross Coaching™ Meetup to experience the group dynamics of peer to peer authentic, committed, conversations designed to coax and coach what is possible out of you while building bonds and business. 

Option C: Join and attend Roswell Business Cross Connect (Also at Panera Bread at 1195 Roswell Road, Woodstock but on 1st & 3rd  Weds 8.30 – 10am) where content and coaching connect. Discover fresh, fun, creative ways to connect with yourself and others and prepare yourself for Cross Coaching™

Don’t compare yourself to others. Declare yourself to others!

See you soon!

Peter Gibson, Team Isabelle Gibson Harry Norman Realtor, Creator of Cross Coaching™ and the Coach & Coax Approach.

As a Nikken Wellness Rep (since 1995) I coach customers to coax out healthier ways to live their days. The Nikken products make that possible. I’m 64 and look, feel and live like I’m 15 years younger!

Learn more at www.nikken.com/6713800






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