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Why Cross Coaching™ and the Coach & Coax Approach? 

The way you work has changed; the way you network must too. It’s time to work your brain – your neural network! To connect what’s truly on your mind with what’s on other people’s minds.

You network to create; to create contacts, relationships, business and, hopefully, a better you. I believe you need a creative, not a restrictive, setting to do that. A space where content can Coach & Coax what is possible out of you – via the group dynamics, not a space that merely provides a 30 or 60 second time slot to sell yourself!

The more creative you are the more contacts, relationships, and business you create. Most networking events are highly structured. They are restrictive, not creative.

After twenty years of networking in many countries, I see a need for a fresher approach. The Coach & Coax Approach! Register at Meetup.com or email me. gibsonpeterg33@gmail.com 

To stay current, where the client, customer, corporation and community seek more consciously creative ways to imaginatively connect, online and offline, you must conjure up courage to dive deep and fast into fluid, constantly changing, uncertain, yet co-operative, spaces and willingly engage with others, so that you both teach and learn. Cross Coaching™ provides that space!

Cross Coaching™ where I lead with the Coach & Coax Approach, creates a space that encourages attendees to be present, not simply present. Where the ‘spiel’ has no appeal; the elevator speech no reach and the script that’s canned is banned. This event is worth the drive because it makes your mind come alive! Members don’t sit through a predictable format; with predictable pitches and self-promoting content, delivered by predictably unprepared members, passing predictably weak, required, referrals.

Cross Coaching™ expects the experience of other members be shared, so that who they are, not just what they do, creates a space or community of mutual benefit. A space encouraged by dynamic dialogue, not by a forced or manipulated format. Some members have created success, some are striving to; the former are willing to share how they did it with the latter and literally coach each other across the table. That’s how and why Cross Coaching™ works!

Cross Coaching™ is a creative – not limited or restrictive – space (limited to 20 members). It Coaches & Coaxes what is possible out of you. It builds bonds and business. For only $20.00 per event! One on one private coaching available at $75.00 per hour. Why wouldn’t you attend?

This is a fluid, creative, constantly changing, co-operative space where you can present your ‘self’ and connect with others at deeper, more meaningful, levels via the group dynamics that emerge from the Coach & Coax Approach.

When you care about the content you contribute you connect better with the contacts you make. You make a difference by developing yourself and others present, while embracing the difference the contribution other members make to you.

No fluff, or forced facades hidden behind an elevator speech or presentation. This is a reality show – where the real creative you is present and revealed; the you that others trust enough to want to create a relationship with.

Come and discover fresh, fun, creative ways to connect – with yourself and others!

Contact me: gibsonpeterg33@gmail.com

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