Cross Coaching™                                                    PHOTO CREDITS: Stuart Hasson Studios

Connect | Clarify | Language | Lead | The formula to know to help your business grow.

Get connected to yourself and others | Clarify how you align who you are with what you do | Language and craft your intentions | Lead your mind better to lead others better |

Cross Coaching™ develops your mental real estate!

It is not a Master Mind. It gives you a better Mind!

Enter a high focus, high content, creative space where peer-to-peer group coaching connects you to yourself and others to get your submerged talents to emerge. Clarify how to align who you are with your business by dissecting the language you use, that can hurt or help you, and learn how to recraft it to elevate how you lead, communicate, and interact with clients, teams, and referral partners for improved results.

Cross Coaching™ leads you to you. Learn from and teach your peers. Build bonds and business.

Cross Coaching™ members coach each other across a table, and discuss, dissect, fuse and extend ideas via the teach what you know learn what you don’t honest, honed from the heart, communication approach.

As the conversation around the topic heats up, so does the chemistry and energy of the members when they reveal and share what they have learned or seek to learn. Consciously, or unconsciously, their language stimulates and encourages others to share so that everyone benefits. The deeper members dive, in order to develop their inner mental networks, the deeper the relationships in their outer network become.

Shared expertise from every profession and every level – from the getting started to the been there, done that – helps everyone improve. This is not a defined, rigid, structure, it is a creative community and platform that supports and launches business and personal growth; where presence matters over presentation. A group facilitated by subtle wisdom, intuition and organic flow.

Is Cross Coaching™ for you?

Are you ready for high content mental stimulation that will work your neural network, not just your people network?

Are you eager to explore and share who you are, not just what you do?

To reveal what’s working and what’s not? To better connect with yourself and others?

To teach? To learn? To connect, clarify, language and lead?

Then Cross Coaching™ may be for you!

Cross Coaching email: gibsonpeterg33@gmail.com 

Business email: peter.gibson@harrynorman.com 

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