How What You See Is Seen.

How What You See Is Seen.

The image you have of how you and your business is seen will vary – often dramatically, from the image others hold.
This was the topic at our January 28, 2015 Cross Coaching™ advanced networking event. The supportive space created at these events is frequently filled with examples of members who when asked to promote how they think they see their business – without framing it within the confines of an elevator speech – realize that others present see it differently. Because lively debate is the norm here, members are alert and listening not intent upon mentally preparing for when it’s their turn to verbally declare the image they have in their minds of how they want to be seen. The outcome of this approach? Frequent realization that others – when in this discussion based space – note the disconnect between how members verbalize and try to frame what they want others to see and how others actually see it!

Yes! We address that disconnect! Quickly! Why? Because Cross Coaching™ is about developing your business by developing others. Most networking events allocate enough time for those present to present. And then those attending go home – or to another networking event, to repeat the same presentation.
As Founder and Facilitator of Cross Coaching™ I invite those present to circle around the topic – like hungry vultures, to pick it apart like a carcass and devour the lessons it contains. This weeks topic confirmed that most of us should never stop inviting feedback about whether how we are striving to be seen matches – or doesn’t, with how others see us. In this space the mismatch is quickly revealed, supportively addressed and caringly repaired.

It’s great to see members return and share how they have applied what other ‘Cross Coaches’ present supported them through seeing and how it elevated them above painting their business with an elevator speech and instead lifted the image of how others see them and the business they promote in better ways.

One of the conclusions drawn by members at this weeks event was how critical it is to educate your clients, so that they not only see clearly what it is you want them to see about you and your business, but can also deliver a crisp, clear, synopsis of that to others! Now, you have referrals and recommendations coming your way, because others see you the way you want to be seen and you are as clear about how you want them to see you as they are about how they see you.

See you! At my next Cross Coaching™ event?

Peter Gibson. Realtor, Speaker, Author, Founder of Cross Coaching™

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