What is Cross Coaching™ and The Coach & Coax Approach? 

Cross Coaching™ gets you connected; to yourself and others!

The  Coach & Coax Approach coaxes out what is possible in your life. It coaches you to coax out your self-coach.

Once you have coaxed out your self-coach and continually coax out more of what is possible in your life, you can influence and contribute to your community more by sharing The Coach & Coax Approach with others. 

At Cross Coaching™ you will experience the dynamics of group coaching, where high content dialogue gets your neurons networking!

Develop your communication, presentation, marketing and sales skills and those of your peers, while you build bonds and business.

Cross Coaching™ is advanced open-to-all networking, fostered by a creative *crucible, or space, where members ‘coach’ and coax each other across a table, to teach and learn and connect better to themselves, their business and others.

Shared expertise from every profession and every level – from the getting started to the been there, done that – helps everyone improve. This is not a defined, rigid, structure, but a creative community and platform that both supports and launches business growth and personal growth; where presence matters over presentation. A group facilitated by subtle wisdom, intuition and organic flow.

*Crucible: a heat resistant container in which material can be subjected to great heat and transformation. 

Cross Coaching™ and The Coach & Coax Approach provides a space in which material that may take courage to discuss, creates a ‘burn’ or desire to discuss – in an authentic, transparent way. As the conversation around the topic heats up, so does the energy of the members when they reveal and share what they have learned or seek to learn. Consciously, or unconsciously, their language stimulates and encourages others to share so that everyone benefits. The deeper members dive, in order to develop their inner mental networks, the deeper the relationships in their outer network become.

Is Cross Coaching™ and The Coach & Coax Approach for you?

Are you ready to engage and connect; to work your neural network – not just your network?

Are you tired of the elevator speech?

Are you bored with the repetitive, restrictive, format of most networking meetings?

Are you eager to share who you are, not just what you do? Willing to reveal what’s working and what’s not to better connect with yourself and others? To teach? To learn? Then Cross Coaching™ and The Coach & Coax Approach may be for you!

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Or email: peter.gibson@harrynorman.com 


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