Why The Power Of Being Met Beats Having A Meeting.

As a business owner, corporate executive, or employee, how often have you gone to a business, client, or networking meeting and not felt met?

Did you mentally leave the meeting, before physically leaving it? Did you go back to your office, or car, starving for meaning to attach to the time you just invested? What about those expectations and objectives; did they get met?

More importantly, did YOU get met? And, this matters too, did you strive to ensure that others in the meeting felt met?

For over twenty years, my business success has relied on networking; as part of my philosophy to always ‘go for grow’ I set out to get better at it.

One method I use is a ‘converse to connect’ approach. Small talk is a powerful tool, if you leverage on it to discover not only common ground, but a way to dig deeper and discover why whoever you are meeting has a stake in the ground he stands so firmly on. It can get the conversation to a connect level. Small talk can also quickly help you determine if you’ve hit rock hard ground and should move on, or simply keep this meeting at the surface level most meetings maintain.

A recent meeting with a potential home buyer client is an example.  My wife and I are both Realtors. My persistent follow-up and attention to detail persuaded a young engaged couple, I met at an Open House, to invite us to help them find their first home. They now live in it, but our initial meeting at our Broker’s office – where Ben and Charlene (not their real names) felt met, helped secure them as buyers.

Initially, our meeting was too surface but I listen and observe at absurdly intense levels, remain powerfully present and ask digging questions.  I don’t mentally leave the room!

Ben didn’t verbalize, but did unknowingly show, that he felt met after I acknowledged the ambitious plans and high level of intelligence he possessed – something as an analytical type he would not deliberately reveal, when he answered a ‘help me get under the surface of this conversation’ question I asked. He got that I got him. He saw that I saw where he was headed and what drove him to get there. This was not just about buying a first home, but part of an overall strategy.

We are now helping someone that Ben and Charlene referred us to buy a home!

This week I met Steve again at one of the three Meetup networking events I lead. We finally ‘met’ after I asked a more probing question about the way he thinks; you can’t always ask these level of questions at a first meeting, you have to gain a sense of permission.

I toiled the soil of his mind and the real Steve is what I was able to find! Who Steve really is, why he does what he does and the driving philosophy behind his business building intentions. He felt ‘met’ and felt that he truly ‘met’ me too. You can bet we will be referring each other!

Because of my frustration with the surface level atmosphere most networking meetings promulgate, I created a community, about three years ago, where current and future leaders felt they and their needs for personal and business development were being met.

Note the emphasis on creating a community. I am the founder and creator of Cross Coaching™ but I did not invite people to attend my Cross Coaching™ event – they came to a high content, dig deep fast, advanced networking meeting I led, felt fed by my determination to create a space where you didn’t attend a meeting – instead, you truly felt met and that became the community and event I call Cross Coaching!

I dislike meetings, but I love events! A meeting slides by, an event sticks – it’s stories don’t die! I’m still telling Ben’s story because a bond was built; business was too.

When you feel met, you accelerate the quality of events that emerge from your meeting!

At this week’s Best of Roswell Cross Coaching™ Team Meetup the energy, intensity, creativity and authenticity of our ‘committed conversations’ got the imaginary crucible in which the event’s high content topic is placed – hot!

All fourteen members met up for an event they knew would guarantee that they and their need for personal and business development felt met. Not your average networking meeting! Instead, we are reworking networking by building a ‘connect net’ where you get to feel met!

At Cross Coaching™ you let your creativity get met and create a synergy where hearts, minds and every members’ spirited energy build bonds and business. Not a zone you can create alone!

Being met beats having a meeting. When you go to your next meeting, make it your intention that you and those you meet with, will felt met!

Go for grow!

Peter Gibson Harry Norman Realtor, Speaker, Author, Creator of Cross Coaching™

Look up Cross Coaching™ on www.Meetup.com to learn more about these events. Peter.Gibson@harrynorman.com



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