Founders Cross Coaching™ Team – Johns Creek, GA

Facilitator: Peter Gibson

I listen. I observe. I imagine. I create. I lead. I influence.  All of this I have done since I was a teenager being raised in the English countryside. An upbringing that gave me time to spend with my peers honing these soft skills and time alone – while walking my dogs – connecting with nature, my self, my intuition and my imagination. These traits supported my intentions to create my life not just live it; to create and carve an unconventional path designed to establish a lifestyle that provided freedom and balance for me and my family.

Now with over 40 years of experience in a variety of careers and business ventures – Hotel & Restaurant Management, Corporate Travel, Meetings & Convention Management, Corporate Director of Sales, Upscale Bartending & Catering Service Owner, Real Estate Investor, Venture Capitalist, Direct Sales/MLM Top Earner, Author, Speaker, Coach, World Traveler (50+ countries), father of an Eagle Scout and husband of an amazing woman – it is time to share with others what I have learned and learn from others as well via my Cross Coaching™ concept. Won’t you join me, so that together we can develop ourselves and our business by developing others?

Don’t compare yourself to others. Declare yourself to others!


Co-facilitator: Mark Cano

I love the sales business! I have sold consumer goods and services and financial products and services for over thirty years. I love working with and mentoring people too. I have held many management positions and led and mentored others to increased productivity and financial gain.

I have been an entrepreneur my entire adult life building and taking businesses, myself and others to higher levels of success.  I have met people from all walks of life and at every financial station. I have amassed a wealth of experiences, business acumen and a focused awareness of self and others. Now my mission is to let people benefit from what I have learned so that they too can gain an increased awareness of themselves and others through moments of shared experiences. I believe Cross Coaching™ is a great platform for this mission.


Future Teams:

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