Why The Power Of Being Met Beats Having A Meeting.

As a business owner, corporate executive, or employee, how often have you gone to a business, client, or networking meeting and not felt met? Did you mentally leave the meeting, before physically leaving … Continue Reading →

Expectations. What You May Not Expect When You Have Them.

Don’t expect to learn much from this article. There, now I’ve set your expectations! How do you set yours – when you start your New Year, your day, your business, job, next sales … Continue Reading →

What Were You Thinking? Making Next Level Decisions.

What was I thinking when I created Cross Coaching? After twenty years of networking I wanted – and saw that others were ready for – the next level of networking. The Cross Coaching™ … Continue Reading →

Self-Defeating Or Worth Repeating?

There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man’s lack of faith in his true self. William James This Cross Coaching™ event had a race of a … Continue Reading →

What’s At Stake? Your Business, Brand, Reputation Or You?

What’s at stake – really – with the work you do? When did you last ask yourself or your employees this question? If you know, how often do you declare it? I’m … Continue Reading →

Connect With Your Creative Core

I tip people toward their truth. The intensity of the group dynamic I orchestrate at Cross Coaching™ stirs members’ neural networks to conduct ‘committed conversations’ and mine and mind each other’s minds. The … Continue Reading →

How Decisions You Make Influence Sales You Make

How do you decide on the approach you will take when talking to a prospective client? What influences that decision and how are your sales, or business, affected? Our Cross Coaching™ … Continue Reading →

Closing the Sale. Managing The Mind Game Behind The Sales Game

If you’re reading this you may well be “in sales”. What a simple, yet broad, label for a very complicated job! A novice might ask: What’s so complicated or difficult about sales? … Continue Reading →

Education vs. Experience. Their Roles in Business Success

This Cross Coaching™ topic dug in deep – fast! Mark’s comment that lack of knowledge, or experience, can lead to an expensive education, especially in business, summed it up well. The … Continue Reading →

Client presentations. Are you in the way of, or on the way to, a sale?

Cross CoachingTM                                                    July 22, 2015 Lead by: Mark Cano  Theme: “Getting out of our own way” Guest writer: Ana Maria Marin – Instructor, Technical Writer & Translator (Peter Gibson … Continue Reading →